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[- Movie Making - by Austrix.net -]


[- Additional Help -]


#TrickingQ3 on irc.EnterTheGame.com


[- Important Notes -]


Place the demos in your "quake III arena/osp/demos" directory and load the OSP mod.
You will need this mod to view the demos.
Type /demo DemoName in the console, then sit back and relax!

With the release of the latest Point Release, the new demos have the extension .dm_68.
Renaming dm_68's to dm_67's will make the new demos work with the old PR and vice versa.
If you download them to watch I'll leave any renaming up to you, as some people have the Point Release and some don't.

Easier: download Seismovision which will allow you to double-click on demos to view them.



Do not alter the physics of the game if you are going to post demos you make for others to view!
Stay with the standard settings of "pmove_fixed 1" & "com_maxfps 125" on internet servers and "g_synchronousclients 1" & "sv_fps 125" for local gameplay.

These are the accepted standard settings for trickjumping.
Other setting will change the distance and/or height of your jumps and effectiveness of your weapons. Feel free to play around. However:

If you alter the physics of the game I hold you to the honor system of specifying what settings were used in the making of your demo.



Using the /timescale command during a tricking run is considered cheating.
If you want to create a demo that will be accepted by the tricking community (say for a tricking video submission) you MUST NOT use timescale.