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More tutorials available at


[- Rocket Tricks -]

The rocket launcher is easily one of the most popular weapons, both for trickjumping and fighting. It's quite versatile, and you will likely find yourself making use of a standard rocket jump from time to time. Take a look at the sections below...


[- Rocket Jumps -]

A standard fare in tricking, all that is required is to point the rocket launcher towards the ground and hit jump and fire. Someone familiar with rocket jumping will be able to travel higher and farther by performing a rocket jump after they have gotten some speed from strafing.



[- Multi Rocket Jumps -]

Discovered by SiT, multi rocket jumps are the standard staple of an experienced tricker. The concept is this... simply make more than one rocket explode under you at the same time. This of course may be easy to say, but not necessarily easy to perform. The timing of the rockets is critical. Demos will show what I explain in the next few sentences.

"Playing Catch Up" is one way to perform a multi rocket jump.You can either step off a high ledge, fire a rocket and then pass it as you fall and then perform a standing rocket jump, or you can out-run a rocket on the ground and wait for its arrival at a wall of your choice.

Teleportation is another way to setup a multi rocket jump. Fire a rocket at a teleporter destination and enter the teleporter. You should see the concept here, if not, find a different sport!



[- Rocket Climbing -]

Not much use in standard FFA unless you have the battle suit or are playing Rocket Arena. The concept is just to use several rocket jumps to propel yourself up a wall or tall barrier to reach the top. The only difference is that you need to aim the rocket jump off the wall instead of off the ground.



[- Rocket Jumping Concepts -]

Combining a rocket jump with another weapon is a great way to get somewhere fast. Grenades and a rocket jump make for a good party, but you can go from a rocket jump into a plasma climb as well if you like.

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