More tutorials available at

More tutorials available at

[- Plasma Tricks -]

Plasma is one of the most versatile tools for trickjumping. I've split the tricks into a few sections.

(note: Ping affects plasma majorly, you will not get the same results with plasma on an internet server as you would on a localhost (0 ping). Aiming higher when you have a ping is a stop-gap solution, but still won't give you the full potential of plasma. Another stop-gap solution is to bump up your cl_maxpackets variable to 100 if your connection can handle it... try it and see if you get lag.)


[- Plasma Climbing -]

This is one of those skills that you can learn in 5 minutes yet it will take awhile to perfect. It is not too difficult to perform:

1.) Find yourself a wall. Look down. Notice where the wall and floor meet?

2.) Aim about 2 centimeters above the line where the floor and wall meet. Press Forward and hold it.

3.) Jump and then hold Fire before you start coming back down from the jump...

4.) Let go of Jump but keep holding Forward and Fire.

5.) Keep that mouse steady! You are now plasma climbing!

6.) Did you fall off? Make sure you are holding Forward and Fire once you begin climbing, and nothing else.

Used in conjuction with a grenade, a good climb will get you to the top of almost any of the standard ID maps.



[- Plasma Jumping -]

Plasma Jumping is useful when you need just a little more distance. It is performed exactly the same way as a rocket jump, except you are using plasma.

To Plasma Jump, find yourself a gap to jump. The third to fourth or fourth to fifth platforms on Opc1 work great.
Look all the way down and hold Forward. When you get to the edge of the platform, hit Fire and then almost immediately after you hit Fire press Jump. This might take you a bit of practice to get the timing down, but it is not difficult.



[- Plasma Crawling -]

This has been around for a bit, but recently its been "rediscovered" and people are calling it Plasma Slide Strafing now! It doesn't really matter, just that this one hasn't been widely seen because nobody found a good use for it. Refer to that link, -zARgOtH- explains it pretty well, and there is even an included demo...


[- Advanced Plasma -]

These are the aspects of plasma that will take you awhile to master.

Going somewhere with plasma instead of straight up sure is nice. To do this you line up with the wall like you are about to do a standard plasma climb. Start strafing in the direction that you want to go, then jump and fire. You are now going somewhere. Avoid holding in strafe after you start climbing! If you hold the strafe key during your climb you will quickly fall off the wall. Start your climb and let go of strafe.

This is all well and good, but why does this qualify as advanced?

Simple, experienced trickers can manipulate their plasma and do just about anything.


1.) Changing direction mid-climb

2.) Going around a 90 degree corner

3.) Going around an Arc

4.) Going in a complete circle

5.) 'Jumping' to a different wall

6.) 'Jumping' a gap or alcove in a wall

To perform a plasma climb around a corner or outward facing arc and such is really a matter of practice and a steady mouse hand. I can give a pointer or two and a demo, but don't feel bad if you can't make it around a corner at first.


[- Cornering -]

Perform a normal plasma climb towards a corner, and when you reach the corner quickly switch to the other wall keeping your mouse level the whole time. Don't face perfectly straight into the wall... look backwards a bit so you accelerate more quickly when you transfer over to the second wall.



[- Changing Direction -]

To change direction mid-climb hold strafe in the new direction and point your plasma in the opposite direction you want to go so that it pushes you towards it. Don't get confused... it makes sense in game! Remember to let go of strafe when you get started in the new direction.


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